Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, We've Been Misled...

For many years now, we've been misled into thinking that Disneyland was the happiest place on earth, but I found the true happiest place on earth yesterday, at a store called Urban Yarns in Vancouver, B.C..

I spent about 2 hours there yesterday afternoon. I lost track of time, and was a bit worried that I would get a parking ticket, since I parked in a 1 hour parking zone. Note to knitters: DON'T PARK IN A 1 HOUR ZONE WHEN SHOPPING AT A YARN STORE!!!! I didn't get a ticket though, which made the day even better.

I met two nice women who work there ( I think they're the owners), and they were both knowledable and chatty. They obviously share the same passion for yarn as I do. If I was going to work in a yarn store, that is the one I would want to work at.

They carry many of the brands that the other yarn stores in Vancouver do not, like Rowan, Debbie Bliss, an amazing selection of Fleece artist (my favorite!), and many other high end yarns. They also have a huge number of kits, and some really great books. I fell in love with some Lantern Moon needles with beads on the end, but what I really wanted was to try out some Addi Turbos. I got 2 pairs of circular Addi Turbos, a 2.5 mm for socks, and a 4.5mm for a blanket I'm going to do for my new niece or nephew. Man are they expensive, but they are great!

I picked up some Fleece Artist Sock yarn there and started on the socks with my new needles last night. I don't know how I'll ever use anything but Addi Turbos. The socks are a gift for someone who I'm not gonna name, because I want them to be a bit of a surprise. Although I think he might know after he reads this.

I picked up 4 balls of Rowan Soft Baby, 2 are creamy white, and 2 are a blush color. This is going to be the softest blanket ever! I also got 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for a baby sweater. It's blue, and I think that if the baby is a girl, she can wear blue. Let's not get old fashioned here. I also got 2 balls of cream colored Cashmerino Aran for a hat and some booties. It's really going to be a cute set.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I totally fell in love with a Lantern Moon silk needle holder! It's so super pretty. The red is my favorite. My new goal for the year is to own one!

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ariane said...

ooooh...awwww! I loved reading every moment of your post this morning. It put me at ease, it was my yarn fix (for the day).

Your going to love the Addi's. You may never go back to, what I call six dollar needles, anymore.

The yarn is beautiful, though, I'm really feeling the sock yarn! Is that a circular your working with? How long are they? Always wanted to try socks with a small circular. Just never thought it would workout. Let me know how it goes.