Thursday, September 22, 2005

One Sock Down, One To Go

I'm all done the first sock! It went really quickly, and I like using a circular needle much more than 5 dpns. This Addi Turbo is a keeper! Everyone out there who said that they're the best, was right. I don't know how I'll ever use anything else.

I cast on the second sock last night. It took me about 10 tries to get the tension right, so I only actually got about 4 rows done. At that point, I was getting tired and frusterated, so I decided to put it down, and work on the Soft Baby baby blanket.

I'm putting a garter stitch edge on it (1.5 inches) as I go, and I will post pictures as soon as you can really see what's going on with it. Hopefully, that will be in the next few days.

School stuff has been insane!!! I was feeling a behind yesterday morning, and then I was looking over the course manual for Abnormal Psych, and realized that I read the wrong chapter for the first unit! We don't even cover the chapter that I did read. That put me into total panic mode, so, working quickly, I got a bunch of other stuff done for my courses. By 2pm, I had finished the "correct" chapter in psych, and did the reading for the next unit. Funny enough, it was on stress, and its effects. I now know for sure that the course is trying to kill me!

I also managed to get about half way through my next sociology unit (it's really reading intensive), drop off my student loan papers, which finally arrived yesterday morning, go for lunch, buy groceries, clean the windows, and have coffee in the evening. Boy was I tired last night. I had an insanely busy day!

School will be a bit easier today, because I picked up a bunch of goodies from Terra Breads. The best bread place in town! I'm eating this blueberry thing right now. Mmmmmmmm.........

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Lolly said...

Your sock looks great! I like to use the 12' Addis too. I usually get started with those, and then switch to 3 DPNs after a while to make the heel easier. Anyway, the color you knit is lovely!

Just found you surfing through the Academic Knits ring. Nice to meet you ;)