Thursday, September 01, 2005

Poncho Pics

As I wrote before, the poncho is now finished, as of a couple of days ago anyway. I was meaning to post pictures earlier, but I got sidetracked with cleaning the house, before next semester starts. All the dust was making my allergies really bad, and now I have come down with a cold (and the house is still in shambles!).

On top of finishing the poncho, I also finished off the sock I started months ago. I completely finished it the first time, but it was about 2 inches too short, even though I followed the pattern exactly, so I had to rip the end out, and add some foot length. After that, I really didn't want to deal with all of the toe decreasing again, so I just grafted it straight across. BIG MISTAKE!! It had a completely square toe (I don't know what I was expecting), so I have known for months that I would have to take the grafting out, and decrease properly. I finally decided to bite the bullet a few days ago, and it's all done. It was way easier than the first two times!

I also made myself a sock blocker out of a hanger, which worked perfectly. Thank goodness I just pulled a bunch of clothes out of my closet to give to charity, so I have a surplus of hangers.

I now have two active projects that I am working on: the second sock, and the baby booties, which I cast on yesterday.

By the way, the socks are done with Fleece Artist 100% merino wool. I love this stuff so much!! It is really nice to work with, and knits up really nicely. I got mine at Birkeland Bros. in Vancouver, but last time I was in there they didn't have much of a selection, and they couldn't tell me when they'd be getting more in. My future in-laws are going away in a few days, and will be gone for a month, so we will be vehicularly able again, and I can go check out their supply again. With the price of gas these days, I may just take the bus. Who knows.

On a bit of a boring side note, I finished reading Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. I now have to write an annotated bibliography entry for it, so that's probably what I will be working on for today. I'm supposed to have 6 of her books read by Tuesday, and annotated bibliography entries on all of them. I don't think that will be happening.

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