Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Socktober Progress

I finished my blue Fleece Artist Favorite Soft Socks about 15 minutes ago. They fit even better than the red ones, and now I have two super comfy pairs of socks. I'm hoping my Lorna's Laces sock yarn will come in the mail tomorrow. If not, I have plenty of UFO's to work on.

I was in at Urban Yarns this afternoon to pick up four balls of black Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for the cuffs and collar of the shawl collar cardigan from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005. I can't wait to get started on it.

I got my two packages of Addi's in the mail from overseas. I ran down to get the mail this morning and I had one package, then when I got home from Urban Yarns I walked by the mail box again, and surprise! there was another package with the rest of the needles. It's kinda funny, because I don't think I've ever gotten mail twice in one day before, and the mail man didn't even come yesterday (I think it had something to do with the teacher's strike thing).


Lolly said...

LOVE Fuzzy Feet 2! the blue is great :)

Ginger said...

congrats on another pair of well fitting cozy socks.

candsmom said...

Your soft socks are just beautiful!! Such a gorgeous, happy color, too. They really do look cozy and comfy. :-) I just read your previous post and had to laugh. I've felt like such an idiot, too, after screwing up the word verification, but was in the closet about it till now. Thanks for out-ting me. ;-)

lynda said...

Such pretty blue socks! Are those Addi Turbo DPN's? I haven't seen those in real life.... but I'm sure I want/need some!

Thanks for the comment on my blog... you're quite the sock knitter... I'll have to ck in on you again! PS, my fav sock pattern is http://mindofwinter.prettyposies.com/archives/000169.html

I love making footies!