Friday, October 21, 2005

O Mailman Where Art Though?

I am desperately wanting to do more sock knitting, because two Socktober pairs are simply not enough.

I have enough Lorna's Laces sock yarn for 3 new pairs of socks, but I ordered it from eBay, and it is taking forever to get to me!! I am a bit impatient though, and its only been a bit over a week.

I have been waiting at home all the time with the hope that the mailman will ring my buzzer and tell me that he has a package for me, and I will go skipping downstairs to get it, then rush back upstairs to open by package of beautiful sock yarn, and start casting on.

Unfortunately, my sock yarn fantasies have not made my package come any faster. I think they should deliver yarn super quick, because it's just not fair to keep a girl waiting.

Well, the mailman is catching the brunt of my frustration. Everyday that my package doesn't come, I curse that package carrying man. You know that paranoia has set in when you think that maybe he has taken your yarn, and the mail is not coming, because he is sitting in his truck knitting beautiful socks out of yarn that should have been delivered to its rightful owner. This little bit of frustration is fully justified though, because the yarn will be so beautiful that even non knitters will be unable to resist the temptation to knit with it. Ya, I know. I have issues.

I am still hoping to get it today, since it's not even noon yet. I hope I do.

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