Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Wee Apology to the Mailman

Yesterday I found out that our regular mailman is on vacation, so someone else is filling in for him. Apparently, this temp doesn't think our mail should come before 5pm. I miss the regular mailman.

Oh, and I got an email today from one of the sellers on eBay that I bought yarn from 2 weeks ago. The package hasn't arrived yet, because she forgot to send it. No big deal though, I'm just glad it's not lost. So, hopefully I will have it next week.

I have a sheep story from today, but I'm way to tired to type it all out. Maybe tomorrow.

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ariane said...

We had the same mailman problem...the new one was walking past our house, not putting ALL the mail in the box and forgetting to deliver packages! Pheew, thank goodness our old one is back to delivering it at 2pm.