Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ya Know....

I think I like being online better than real life. What does that say about my "real life"?

I love reading other knitter's blogs, seeing their progress, splurges, and finished objects. I just don't have that anywhere else. Oh, and I love getting comments on my stuff. I think that in "real life" when I start talking about knitting, I feel like I'm imposing on people. I get the "Uh huh, Uh huh, hmmm, well that's cool", but I can tell that I'm just being put up with. I hate that. I wish I had knitting friends that lived close by that I could get together and knit with, and go on yarn expeditions with, etc. Sadly, I don't. All the SnB meetings are too far away for those who are stuck on the bus. I don't want to spend an hour or so on the bus, just to spend an hour or so at the SnB, and and hour or so home. That sucks. I hate the bus.

So what have we learned?

1) I hate being "put up with" for a perfectly good interest.
2) I hate the bus.
3) I hate Canada Post, or whoever is responsible for my yarn not being here yet. Hmm...Airmail, and it's already been MORE than two weeks. This is stupid. I want my F*CKING yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry Mom, I wasn't really swearing).


Karen said...

I felt isolated in my knitting before I discovered knitting blogs too. I never expected to feel such a sense of community with people I "type" with, but I really feel like I've made a bunch of great new friends blogging. Cool, huh? I've also learned a lot, like knitting techniques and terms I probably never would have know. I agree, sometimes blog-life is so much better than real life (how could it not be, everyone is so encouraging and supportive!!!)

Christina said...

I guess I'm lucky in that I work with another knitter, so we share our projects with one another. The blogs are great, though. I love browsing them, too. (Mainly for the finished projects! I get so inspired by other people's accomplishments!)

Have you tried finding a yarn store in your area, or a craft store that offers knitting lessons? I have an A.C. Moore I shop at and I know they have knitting nights. Also, they had this knitting party a few weeks ago, marking all their knitting related items down 25%. That isn't the amazing part, though. IT WAS PACKED WITH KNITTERS!!!!! I didn't realize how popular it has become! So, try the craft store! I'm sure there are others in your area who are dying to share their hobby with someone else!

chrissie said...

I know what you mean about being put up with. Non-knitters tend to get that glazed look on their face. Or make jokes about grandmas and afghans.

Thanks for stopping by!