Monday, October 31, 2005

YAY!! To The Regular Mailman!!!!

Our regular mailman is back, and he brought my UK yarn with him. Actually he just brought the majority of the UK yarn I've been expecting (I still have one more from there that is outstanding). The other good news is that I just had to pay the tax on the yarn, no duty or anything.

The bad news is that I have to study, so I won't be able to knit with this yarn immediately, as planned. I hope I'll get a few minutes tonight to do some more VK Shawl Collar Cardi work, since the Astrakhan was part of the package.

Oh, and I have a friend who wants to learn to knit, so I went into A Touch of Wool with her on Saturday, and I accidentally bought some stuff. We had to go there, because Stu and our friend Martin were with us, and wouldn't go any further. I will have to introduce her to Urban Yarns soon, since it is the essential store for any knitter in Vancouver. Thanks to our trip, I now have my first Noro. It is fabulous! I'm going to make the Voodoo Wrist Warmers from Knitty. For those Vancouver knitting bloggers who are interested, A Touch of Wool is now stocking Cherry Tree Hill, but they don't have any of their sock yarn yet.

Oh yeah, I got tagged with my first meme from the other Chrissy. It's the 20 things about you one (I think I could fill up 1000 though). I really feel like part of the blogging community now. I hope to get to it this week. If not, I promise I'll do it after my exam.

Sorry about the crappy pics. I just don't want to take anything out of its bag yet.


chrissie said...

Oooh, lots of yarn. Drool...

Happy Halloween!

Chrissy said...

Thanks, I'm drooling too! I can't wait to use it.

Anonymous said...

Wow... those Voodoo wrist warmers look awesome! I wish I had a pair of those, they would be like ninja guantlets of doom to keep my wrists warm whilst I prowl about.

--Zombie ninja overlord