Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting 'n School

Last night I finally decided to pick up the Bolero Jacket Sleeve again, after weeks of not touching it. Have I mentioned that I love working with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky? It is really really nice to work with. I got about 9" or so done on the sleeve, which is fairly quick progress, but now it must return to it's spot on the back burner, while I tackle things that must me knit by a certain date.

I spent part of today on a new sock. I'm doing it toe-up, which I have never done before, and using the magic loop technique. Obviously, since I haven't finished the toe yet, there hasn't been much "magic looping." I have played around with the magic loop before, but have never actually completed anything using it. I definitely prefer it to dpns though.

Back to the toe-up thing... I've found that the decreasing part can be a pain in the butt. It's not exactly easy purling 3 together through the back loop, and my knitting almost got thrown across the room again. I ended up partially bending my new 32" 2mm Addi circular needle trying to get the needle into the stitches, but I think I've managed to straighten it out mostly now.

Do you want to hear about my ingenious solution for knitting and purling three stitches together? I knew you would...

I took my 2mm crochet hook, which is much stronger and bend resistant (also Addi), and stuck that through the 3 loops that I was supposed to knit or purl through, then grabbed the yarn with the hook and pulled it through, and slid the newly formed loop onto the right knitting needle, then slid the 3 stitches off of the left needle.

Maybe I've just mastered grafting, but it seems like an easier way of doing things than a toe-up sock. Strangely enough, toe-up seems addicting though. It's like a know there is a way that's easier and less damaging, but it's cool to do it toe-up. This will likely not be my last pair of toe-up socks. (Again, that addictive personality!!)

No pictures of the sock progress, because it's for my Secret Sock Pal, and I don't want to ruin the surprise! My mantra right now is: "I will finish these socks before Dec. 16, I will finish these socks before Dec. 16, etc".

On to the school happenings:

I finished my last Medieval Lit paper a few days ago, and I've been working like a madwoman on my Virginia Woolf paper. I finished the Woolf paper about an hour ago! I am so glad it's done. Now I can knit and watch the hockey game at 7 as planned.

The final page count on the Med. Lit paper was 10 pages, and the final count on the Woolf paper was 16 pages! I have never written such a long paper in my life.

Just to clarify: I have thought up and typed 26 pages in the last week! No wonder I don't feel like sitting down to blog every day!!

I have 4 chapters of Psych to do in the next two days, plus the last assignment for that class, then it's on to studying.

Studying will be a nice break from paper writing, before I have to submit my last Virginia Woolf paper on December 16. Hey, at least it's only a 12 pager (ARGH!!). This paper will be the last one EVER!!

Oh, and if you want to see the cutes blog ever, check out Lenny's Blog. If you like cat's, you cannot miss this!

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Luquee said...

That sock knitting sounds really hard! I still want to learn how to knit them eventually though. :)