Friday, November 11, 2005

Making Progress...

Even though I have had a ton of school stuff to do, I have been making progress with my knitting. I've been trying to spend a little time each evening doing a little knitting.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I have been working on the Bolero Jacket from Debbie Bliss's new book called Simply Soft. It is done with Cashmerino Chunky (a new yarn), which is a dream to work with. It also knits up very quickly.

I started on the Bolero Jacket on the Wednesday before last (Nov. 2) while watching a hockey game, so I haven't been working on it for very long, but I've made great progress. I think the collar is going to be a pain to do, because it works close to 300 stitches.

I've finished the back, both front sides, and part of the first sleeve.

The color isn't showing perfectly, and it's actually much prettier in person. If you go to the Debbie Bliss website and look for the Simply Soft book, the Bolero Jacket is on the cover (I'm doing it in the same color that is shown there).

In other news, we finally got a chance to meet up with our friend Carol on Wednesday evening. She had traveled to China for two weeks, and had been home again for 2 weeks before we finally got to see her. It sounds like she had a great (and very busy) time, and got to visit many interesting places.

She also brought us presents!!! I am now the proud owner of a beauuutiful (real) pearl necklace. It has a black pearl and a white pearl. I wore it all day yesterday, and the clasp didn't tangle in my hair, and the pearls stayed right where they were supposed to be with no adjustments.

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