Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lazy Post-Christmas Days...

I bet you've all been wondering where I've been, or perhaps you haven't noticed, but now that I mention it, you'd like to know.

Stu and I had a wonderful Christmas! I made an effort to keep it low stress, and it worked. I had a busy, but non-stressful day.

For Christmas Eve dinner, we stayed home and had spaghetti with meat sauce (Stu is famous for his meat sauce). After dinner, we stopped by Stu's parents' house for tea and cheese and crackers (Brie, yum!). I got a chance to work on my sock pal sock while we chatted, and Stu's dad was quite impressed with the socks. He said that they were too nice to wear, and should be kept under glass. I think that is one of the biggest knitting compliments I have ever been paid.

Christmas morning was fairly relaxed as well. I slept in til 7:58 am. That's pretty late for me on Christmas morning! I decided that I should let Stu sleep, because we didn't get to bed very early the night before. That lasted til 8:06am, when I couldn't wait any longer. I was too excited! I think my excitement stemmed from the totally awesome gift that I got for Stu. It was a top of the line Phillishave electric razor. He was really happy with it!

He got me a really great Sony alarm clock, which I desperately needed and wanted. I knew about the alarm clock because I was there to pick it out when he bought it, but he also made me a certificate for a Pleco for our fish tank. Our last one had died a few weeks before, and our tank really needs an algae eater.

After our coffee and gifts, we headed over to my parents' house for more presents and breakfast. We had coffee and Panatone.

I got lots of awesome knitting stuff, and I really want to take pictures of the stuff before I blog about it, but lets just say that it was all really great.

I found out that my mom had done most of her shopping for me before I even gave her my list, but she still managed to read my mind or something, because most of the stuff was on my list that she got.

I also found out that my dad entered a yarn store with her (two actually) which I think is pretty cool.

Included in my package was a gift certificate for Urban Yarns, which I promptly spent half of on Boxing Day.

I'll talk about all my fabulous gifts once I have a chance to take some pictures of the stuff.

We had coffee with a few friends on Christmas in the afternoon, where a very close friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to Little Knits . He's still waiting on the code, but as soon as I get it, there will be some internet shopping going on!

We had about 45 minutes to spare when we finally arrived back home before we had to pick up Stu's aunt Lynn and head off to dinner in Horseshoe Bay at Stu's other aunt's house. We arrived at 5:30 and had to leave at 7:00pm to get to dinner at my parents' house.

We managed to get to my parents' house by 7:30ish, and had a nice (second) dinner with my family. My Uncle and his girlfriend/wife gave me the newest Michael Connelly novel (he's my favorite author), called The Lincoln Lawyer. Unfortunately, my parents had already given me the book for Christmas. This double book giving worked out in my favor, because my mom said she would return the book she bought, and I could find another book that I wanted and get that.

I was on tonight and found two books that were, together, around the same price as the hardcover Michael Connelly book, and I talked to my parents and they are going to order me the two books. Can you guess what they are? Maybe what subject? Duh, knitting...and not just knitting--knitting socks!

The first is Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and the second is Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns by Nancy Bush.

I can't wait to get my hands on them!

On Christmas, we didn't end up leaving until after midnight, so we were pretty tired, especially after our busy day. I think we're still recovering.

I'll try to post again tomorrow with more details and pictures. I'm really tired now, and it's too dark for pictures.


Luquee said...

It sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! Yay for you! :D

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your gifts!