Monday, December 05, 2005


I got carried away knitting socks for my secret sock pal, and the time really got away from me. The good news it that my sock groove has come back, and I'm no longer feeling incompetent! I'm just about to start the heel of the first sock on my sock pal's sock. I think she's gonna love them!

Anyway, the "oops" comes from my losing track of time. My brother's birthday is tomorrow, and I had planned to knit him a pair of the Fleece Artist Favorite Soft Socks. Yeah, um, I haven't started yet! So, I am going to attempt to turn the lovely yarn in the picture into socks by tomorrow night, and I haven't even wound the yarn into a ball yet. Here's the kicker: I can't start on them until tonight, because I have a final exam on Friday night, and another one on Sunday morning, and I absolutely have to study all day today. I also can't knit tomorrow during the day (because of the studying), unless I set my alarm for super early. Oh, and his feet are a little over 11 inches long! So, I may be tired for the next few days.

Has everyone seen the Winter 2005 Knitty already? You absolutely have to check it out. I want to make almost everything in it!! And have you seen the socks? Wow. I have to make them! I just can't help myself. And I love the little creatures. They are so adorable!

Did you hear that this is the last season for 7th Heaven? My Monday night brain candy will be no more. I mention this because I always watch it and knit every week, no matter how crazy things get. It's a nice break from reality :)

Anyway, I should get to studying. Wish me luck with the socks for my brother! I'll keep you posted on how long it takes me to finish the pair. Yes, I know I'm ambitious. I hope you all have a more relaxed Monday than I'm gonna have.

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