Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tomorrow Night = Medieval Lit. Final Exam

Yesterday was supposed to be a non-knitting day for me. It's a lot harder that it sounds! Well, I made it 'til 4:55 pm, and then I just couldn't help myself: I just had to pick up the sticks! To give myself a little credit, I did study for Medieval Lit all day. I was supposed to start studying for my psych exam that's on Sunday morning, but it didn't happen. I knit very slowly until I went to bed.

So, psych is on the agenda for today, and I may have to go out to study so I'm not tempted by knitting! I think it was tougher with the Med. Lit. studying though, because the study guide kept mentioning things that were "close knit", "interlaced", and "spinning a yarn". How could I possibly be expected not to knit? No one has that much self control!

I've entered a weird stage of serene calmness regarding my exam tomorrow, then I get moments of sheer panic, because I don't feel like I should be so calm.

It's likely that I won't be posting again until after my exam on Sunday (9am-12pm), but I might. It depends on how much procrastinating I'll be doing.

PS. Thanks to everyone who posted their kind comments on the entry on my brother's B-Day, and my clean date. Your comments are sincerely appreciated, and I love to read them!

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