Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm Tired, But I'm Compelled To Blog!

Where should I begin? I've had a busy few days, and I have yarn news, minimal knitting news, and job searching progress to report on.....

Ok, let's start with the job stuff---

I've been sending out resumes like there's no tomorrow, and I got a call yesterday in the late afternoon from a placement agency that in charge of recruiting applicants for the hiring company to interview.

I talked to one of their recruiters for a while on the phone (I must be tired, I almost spelled phone with an "f"). She said I had a really great energy. I guess that's a good thing, right? She asked if I could come in to talk to her associate today, and I did.

As many of you know, I got a really nice suit a few months ago, and had been putting off getting it hemmed (the pants were about a foot too long, and the jacket sleeves were about 4 inches too long). I think it was built for a really tall ape or something.

Anyway, it was too late to go to the tailor last night, so I had to go this morning (my appointment/interview was at 3pm). I arrived a bit before 11am, and found a not on the door that said he'd be out til 12pm. I this point I didn't even know if he'd have time to do the hemming.

Everything turned out alright though, because he was able to do it, and have it ready by 1:30. While waiting for the hemming to be done, I had lunch with my parents, then my Mom drove me to my appointment downtown. The suit looks stunning now that it's the right length.

My appointment went well, and they're going to arrange an interview for Monday. It's a 3 month contract position, but the woman I was talking to said it was likely to turn into a permanent position.

They made me do a bunch of "Clerical testing". That's what they called it anyway. I couldn't believe it! They made me write a math test! I'm pretty sure I failed it, but I know I aced the language aspect. It was stuff like putting names in alphabetical order, grammar, and spelling.

I think everyone will get a kick out of this---- the recruiter asked me if I had any hobbies, and of course I answered that I am a knitter. Guess what? She's a knitter too! It was kind of fun to talk about yarn stores for a little while.

Ok, on to knitting... Stu called me at about 11am to tell me that my sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns had just arrived. That was total torture, because I knew I had to be out of the house all day. It is really beautiful, and I can't wait to start knitting with it. This is the same yarn that my secret sock pal, Kathy, used to knit socks for me.

On Tuesday, I went to the Vancouver knitting meet up group for the first time. It was really great. I met lots of knitters, and I'll definitely go to meet ups as much as I can. I think I was there for about 3 hours! Oh, and there is another Vancouver knitting blogger that I met while I was there. I've linked to her on my sidebar, but I'll link again here. Go check out the CutieKnittahFairy! Now she has a really great energy!

Ok, I really don't feel like typing anymore tonight. I'll save some things for tomorrow. I hope I have some energy tomorrow night, because I'm going to help my sister-in-law with the kids for the day. I should probably explain that I don't use SIL for sister-in-law, because I really like dashes, and I can't resist using them in terms that need two of them.

One last piece of news---We have water pressure again, but the water is really silty, so it looks a bit gross. I am really looking forward to a normal shower tomorrow morning.

*top picture (left to right)- Violets, Winter Berry, Figi, Grapevine


ariane said...

Oooh, pretty yarn!

Hooray for water pressure!

And congrats on the job proposal...hope you get it!

Luquee said...

So what kind of job are you looking for? If I had to write a math test it would be like:

Seriously....anyway, lovely sock yarn! :)

Karen said...

So glad that things are starting to look promising on the job front!!! And those yarns, they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Can't wait to see the lovely socks they will become.

Kathy said...

The yarn looks amazing! I just ordered a skein of violets for myself!! hee hee.. great minds and all that!

Good luck with the new job!! Yay you!!

Abigail said...

Good luck on the job.

The yarn is making me drool. It looks like spring in wool. What more could a gal want- hehe.

Have a knitterly weekend.

Cutie said...

Good luck with the job hunt! Have you looked on Craiglist? They have tons of job postings. Here's the link if you haven't:

Anyhoot, thanks so much for the compliment! You are a sweetheart. I hope you find a job soon! But until you do, I am available during the day for a little midafternoon SNB fun!

Lemme know!


knittinmom said...

That is some nice sock yarn! And you're all signed up for the sock-a-month knitalong. You're actually the one who inspired me to start it, since I saw all the other sock knit-alongs that you were joining. So, thanks a lot! LOL!

Good luck with your interview on Monday!