Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's More Fun To Knit Than Job Hunt/My Love (of knitting) Can't Pay The Rent

That sweet little baby you saw a few posts ago has inspired me to learn to make booties. I was in at Urban Yarns on Monday afternoon to get inspired by pink yarn, since the new baby is a girl. After lots of looking around I found a Debbie Bliss book called, Baby Cashmerino. The yarn showcased by this book is Cashmerino Baby (yeah, um, duh!). I opted for the pink, which is quite pretty.

I always thought that booties would be difficult to knit, but it turns out that they're actually quite easy to make. At first I had no idea how they would come together, but I just kept following the instructions, and finally I had an "Ah ha!" moment, where it all made sense.

These booties are really surprisingly quick to make, and they are so cute! I'm really enjoying knitting them.

I got some new knitting needles while I was shopping as well. As most of you already know, Addis don't come in 2.25mm or 2.75mm needles. I was really disappointed about this. Yesterday, I noticed that Urban Yarns had Crystal Palace 35" circs in the proper sizes, so I got those.

Aparently these needles are new and improved, but the joins are still a bit rough. I think they'll be alright though. I've never used Crystal Palace needles before these ones (I'm making the booties on them), but I think they're actually quite nice to knit with.

Along with the booties, I'll be making the Matinee coat from the same book. The coat/sweater will be in the same colour as the booties, so it'll all be cute and matching.

In other non-knitting news, I got my hair cut today. He darkened it up a bit, and shortened it up a bit, and I think it looks great. I've got some long sweepy bangs going on, but they aren't really bangs. He said it would make me look more mature for job hunting.

Speaking of job hunting, I've had no luck yet. I've applied for an Administrative Assistant job, and I really hope I can get an interview for that, because it looks really good. I think I'm starting to get a bit stressed about finding a job.

My secret sock pal, Ariane at Wicked Stitches, received her socks today, and she seems thrilled with them. Head on over to her blog and check them out (she says she'll post about them soon). Check out the colour compared to the colour of the socks she knit for her pal. They're almost identical! I'm really glad she likes them, because I've been worrying that she wouldn't like them.

I really want to post pics of all my knitting endevours, but my camera is just not behaving, unless it has the perfect light, and it doesn't consider night time to be perfect light. I'll take pics as soon as I can. Hopefully I'll have at least one finished baby bootie by tomorrow.

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Luquee said...

I made a pair of baby booties one time! It was the coolest pattern, you knit them on straight needles and turned them by decreasing. I had fun making them. Good luck with yours!