Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meme Number 2

Emmie from CutieKnittahFairy! has tagged me with the "Four Things" meme. To be embarrassingly honest, I've been hoping someone would tag me with this one.

4 jobs that you have had in your lifetime:

  1. "Sandwich Artist" @ Subway (UGH!!).
  2. Dog Walker for 1 dog (he was really grouchy).
  3. Assistant to one of the owners at a raw dog food store.
  4. Reservation agent @ Discount Car and Truck Rentals (I was really good at it, but it was really high pressure, so I only lasted a week).

4 movies that you could watch over and over:

  1. Overboard
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Run Lola Run
  4. Somethings Gotta Give (it also has the best soundtrack)
4 places that you have lived:

  1. Kerrisdale in Vancouver, B.C. (with my parents)
  2. Marpole in Vancouver, B.C. (with Stu)
  3. Temporarily in Yakima, Washington
  4. I haven't live anywhere else.

4 TV shows that you love to watch:

  1. CSI
  2. CSI: Miami
  3. 7th Heaven
  4. Third Watch (if it was still on. Stupid NBC!)
4 places that you have been on vacation:

  1. Oahu, Hawaii
  2. (several different cities in California
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Seattle, Washington

4 websites that you visit daily:

  1. Bloglines
  2. My Sitemeter
  3. My Online Banking
  4. Yahoo! (for those fabulous groups!)
4 of your favorite foods:

  1. Rare thick steak(with or without teriyaki sauce) and garlic mashed potatoes.
  2. Meat and spinach lasagna.
  3. Gyoza
  4. My white clam chowder (it's so thick that it's almost like a casserole).
4 places that you would rather be right now:

  1. Hawaii
  2. In a big apartment
  3. Knitting with friends
  4. Spending time with my new niece (or anyone else in my bro's family)
4 bloggers who you are tagging:

I'm going to say the same thing as the last -- If you want to be tagged, you're tagged. If not, you're not.

I just don't have time right now to go through and make sure people haven't done it yet.


Cutie said...

Yay! I love that you did it.

Cutie said...

I love these too:

Pretty Woman
Somethings Gotta Give
CSI: Miami

Not that that is important or anything, I just love seeing that ppl hae stuff in common w/ me :)

bitsygiggles said...

I was just thinking about 3rd watch last night and wondering if it was over for good. I was just really getting addicted, and then the start times started getting sketchy, and then I was lucky to find it on occasion, and than blththht.