Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pretty In Pink

Remember I've been telling you that I've been working on knitted baby stuff for my new niece? I didn't want to go into much detail until I could get some good pictures to show you, and it's been dark and rainy until today. The sun is actually out today, which makes for perfect picture taking weather.

Stu is out this morning, so I can pin my projects to his futon without him getting mad about me sticking holes in his bed. Um...I mean, I never put pins in his bed....

I was at Urban Yarns last Monday, looking for a cute pink project to knit for the new baby, and I managed to find two (amazing, I know!). Both projects are out of Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino pattern book.

The first project I've been working on is the pair of baby booties. They are so adorable, and really easy. I have never seen a pattern tell you to cut the yarn, then reattach it again so many times. I had about 12 ends per bootie to weave in! Bootie one has all the ends woven in and just needs a button, which I picked up earlier this week. Bootie two still needs its ends woven in and a button. They sure don't take much time or yarn to make. Maybe half a ball of Cashmerino Baby.

I don't really like weaving in ends (who does?), so I've been busying myself with the sweater I'm making for the baby. It's the Matinee Coat from the same book. Believe it or not, this coat is the first time I've ever used the seed/moss stitch! It's coming out really nicely, and I will definitely use it again. It looks so professional. This little coat is knitting up surprisingly quickly, and the moss stitch is not nearly as fiddly as I thought it would be.

I've had a really hard time getting an accurate color picture, so I've grabbed some pics from the Debbie Bliss website to show the color a bit better. I decided that I liked the pink in the book, so I went with the same one. The coat only takes 4 balls (or at least that's what the pattern says).

I just love the idea of a matching sweater/coat and booties.

I'm guessing you guys can tell the difference between my pics, and the professional ones. The professional ones capture the real color of the yarn much better than mine, but I've posted mine to give you an idea of my progress.

I'll post more progress pics as they come.


Karen said...

So cute!!! I love to knit baby things. My best friend is due in March - I'm hoping it's a girl this time so I can make some pretty pink stuff too.

chrissie said...

Cute! I have only made one pair of booties, but they go so quickly that I see many more pairs in the future for my little cousin. (And yours have inspired me to get on that.)

Luquee said...

That baby stuff looks great!

Cutie said...

Hi Chrissy!

I was so nice to meet you at Blenz yesterday, we didn't get to talk much but I really like your blog its funny. I linked you on mine so others can check that Van knitters ROCK!


oh yeah I was reading an earlier post and you mentioned wanting to look at an IK mag, I have a couple, I will bring them to next meet I see you RSVP for!


Lolly said...

Those are just so precious... I think I saw someone make some of those booties on the blog - trying to remember who it was... that is crazy about all of the yarn cutting though. I have heard that the Debbie Bliss patterns often have weird things like that. Nevertheless, very cute!