Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shop Til You Drop...

I went out shopping yesterday, because I absolutely needed some new work clothes. Being a student for what seems like forever doesn't really leave you with a great wardrobe. I went downtown and started at the Ecco shoe store, where I found the perfect work shoes. They're both comfy and stylish. Now I have to return the other two pairs of shoes I bought this week. And no, I wasn't ever planning on keeping more than one pair.

Next I headed to Winners, where I found absolutely nothing! It's so hit or miss when shopping there. I've always had good luck with Club Monaco, so I went there next, and that's where I ended up buying stuff from. I almost had a heart attack when the guy told me the total, but you gotta have work clothes, right? Now I have to get my pants hemmed, and since I work all day, I think I'll have to wait until next Saturday to get them done. Oh well.

I've been working away on my Jaywalker, and I'm about half way done the heel flap, so there's still hope to finish a pair of socks for January.

I was supposed to go to the Stitch 'n Brunch, which is a Knitting Meetup activity this morning at 10 am, but I really don't feel like it. I slept in til 9am, so there wasn't much time for showering or anything, and it costs a buck, and to be honest, I don't have a buck.

Did I tell you that because of the was the pay periods go at work it will be 4 weeks before I see any money? That's a pain in the ass, especially since I actually have to buy/wear nice clothes. Needles to say, the credit cards are unhappy, and money is a little tight.

I'm off to do some knitting, and enjoy my Sunday.

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natolkow said...

Since I am currently studying the Employment Standards Act, I am thinking it is illegal for you to not be paid for 4 weeks! As I understand it, all employees must be paid a minimum of twice a month. So, they should be paying you something right away! I will check more into it later, if the mood strikes me...