Thursday, January 19, 2006

There's Something About Cables...

A few months ago, I felt I was ready for something new. There was a fork in my knitting road, and I had to choose between learning to knit lace and learning to knit cables. I chose the lace, and decided that cables were totally unnecessary.

I think I've mentioned this before---The moment that I decide that I'm not going to do something is the same moment that I decide that I cannot live without doing that same thing.

Learning to knit lace was a really great experience for me, and I thought it was really cool to make holes, then watch them turn into something. Also, Ariane got some nice lace socks out of my learning experience.

Anyway, back to cables... As I was looking for a pattern for some simple cables on a simple project, I came across a pattern for some nice cable wrist warmers at the Wine and Needles blog. It was love at first sight! But then I got cold feet, and wasn't sure if I was capable enough to do cables (all of this was before I actually looked at the pattern).

My cable courage came back when I found out that a good friend of mine, Gill, who just learned to knit in November, told me that she was going to make them. When I saw her progress, I just knew I had to make them. I really hope she posts some pictures *hint hint*.

Today I actually managed to almost complete both of the wrist warmers, and I'm really happy with them. Although, it would be better if the colors matched a little more closely, and one didn't have a huge band of orange. Oh well, no big deal. Guess what? Cables aren't difficult at all, and cable needles are actually fun to use! I couldn't believe how easy this wrist warmers were to make.

Oh, I almost forgot! You would probably like to know what I made them out of, wouldn't you? It's Lang Yarns, and they line is called Tosca. It's 55% Wool and 45% Acrylic. Normally I wouldn't use this much acrylic, but I just couldn't resist the beautiful colors! They remind me of a citrus sunset. Mmmmm......
Emmie must be credited with my finding these wrist warmers, because I actually found them from the link from her page.

I really love the close up picture of the cables. Making cables is like performing magic!


Cutie said...

Gorgeous! I have been wanting to get that yarn for some time now...I think it might be discontinued or something... but don't quote me on that. I asked a lady at Lewiscraft and she was saying that they didn't carry it there anymore, I can remember if it was just because they stopped or Lang doesn't make this yarn anymore... I hope its the first one!

I love the cables, that was my first cabeling project too! Good for you! They look so cute!

Thanks for the props, btw, and I hope to see you soon, you have to (please, w/sugar on top!) show me that Magic Loop again... I didn't quite grasp it from I think I need to see it from real life angles, you know?


Chrissy said...

They have a huge selection of this yarn at the Knit & Stitch Shoppe (West Van), and I think they had some at A Touch of Wool (on Dunbar). I really hope it's not discontinued, cuz I really love the colors and the feel.

Sure I'll show you the magic loop!