Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What? 2 Job Interviews?

Yes, that's right. I had two job interviews today. Around about 8pm last night, I got a phone call from someone who I had sent my resume to. She asked if we could meet today, and we did. So, I had an interview at 10am, and the second one at 3:30. I'm feeling really tired now, and needless to say, there was no yarn shopping today.

I decided that with second interview today, I wouldn't have time to have a nice relaxing time picking out yarn and tea. Unless something pressing comes up, I'm going to go check out these places tomorrow morning.

Last night at 5pm I cast on for the Jaywalker again. This time it fits. I think I'm making really good progress on it, considering I've hardly worked on it today. I just started on the heel. The pictures of the sock are from earlier on today, and I've done quite a bit more than I had managed to get done by the time I took the pictures.

More news as it comes! Oh, and keep commenting. I totally love comments and appreciate every one I get.


Cutie said...

Thanks Chrissy! are you coming to the meetup tomorrow? I hope to see you there! I am crossing my fingers with the bella paquita pattern, because it is for a smaller bust size, so I will have to add some short rows... yikes...


Karen said...

Two interviews and a perfect sock?? Things are looking up!!! Ya hoo!

CountryVariety said...

Your jaywalker socks are awesome - i love the colors! sounds like a great day - job interviews and knitting ! nice...

Shelley in Alberta
Country Variety Yarn Shop
- It's All About Opal -
Stop By When You Get The Chance !

Luquee said...

Thanks for the comments on my site! Are you ever gonna post in your xanga?

So what kind of jobs were the interviews for?

KnittenKnots said...

Love your jaywalkers - great colors! And good luck on the interviews!!

Lolly said...

I hope you hear back about the interviews - that is great.

Wow, what a pretty sock!

ariane said...

Jaywalkers are looking great...I can hardly wait for my yarn to get here to get started...again.

Please let us know what the outcome of the job search made out to be.