Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Finished Sock!

We've got a finished Falling Leaves sock here! This is my first time doing a 1x1 rib. I always seem to do a 2x2. I don't know why, I think it's just automatic. I was smart this time, and bound off with a 3.25mm needle, so the top is stretchy enough to get over my heel.

Um, I think I've given all the sock specs in my last few posts, so take a look there for all the info. I don't want to get to repetitive :)

I've got to cast on for the second one today, so I have knitting to do on the bus and on my breaks, but I'm feeling tempted to cast on for a totally different pair. I've got some lovely Koigu staring me in the face. I didn't realize how lacking Koigu was in yardage before I bought it, so I only have 2 skeins in each of 2 colors. Does that make sense? 4 in total. 2 colors. Yeah, I think that makes sense. Anyway, I was thinking of doing a toe up short sock or something. I haven't totally decided.

I am totally craving knitting books right now. I just want to buy and buy and buy, but I've been good, and haven't bought anything. I still haven't got my first pay cheque and my credit card bills are huge, so I'll have to hold off for a while yet.

I think I'm going to distract myself by making a heart shaped chocolate cake, using my new Tupperware heart-shaped silicone cake thing. Do you know that I didn't used to like chocolate cake? I couldn't stand it, and wouldn't eat it under any circumstances. Actually, at one point I had a boyfriend who actually cried because I wouldn't have any chocolate cake. Seriously! I couldn't believe it. That wasn't even his worst quality. Hopefully you can have a laugh at the thought of that.


Karen said...

Hmm, he is an EX-boyfriend, right?? I can see why!! I'm loving you Falling Leaves sock - stay strong and hold off on the Koigu until the second Falling Leaf is done!! (Ha, easy advice for me to give . . . but I'm not sure I would follow it myself) Don't fear the two at once socks . . . they are kind of a pain at first, but not really that hard. And then you don't have to fight second sock syndrome and the temptation of other sock yarn!!

lexa said...

Very nice sock - great color! I may have to try that pattern. I've seen it on several blogs and really like it a lot.

knit_chick said...

Love the sock. I've been wanting to do that pattern for quite some time now.

Luquee said...

Your socky looks great!

You didn't used to like chocolate cake??? C-R-A-Z-Y!


Dipsy D. said...

I absolutely love your socks, such lovely color - great work done!
Wow, I've actually never heard of someone not liking chocolate cake, that must be a novelty! Best wishes from Austria, the "home" of the chocolate cake :)

ariane said...


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I think you choose the perfect color way. It compliments the pattern perfectly! That kind of balance is not easily obtained.
But you did it:)

Cutie said...

Your socks: undeniably sexy.
Your lack of love for choclate cake until recently: forgivable
Your story about the tearful ex-boyfriend: Priceless.

Hearts to you! Thanks for making me LMAO~