Saturday, February 18, 2006

Quick Knits

I've never knit a project of any size this quickly before. It's a baby hat for my niece. There is a baby shower for her tomorrow, and since there is no way that I'm going to finish the Matinee Coat, I figured I'd try to knit a hat in time. I had no idea that it would only take me a small part of the morning though!

Today also marks my first try at making a pom-pom. I got one of those pom-pom maker things from my parents for Christmas, and I just haven't had a chance to try it out. It's hard to find an excuse to make a pom-pom! Now I'm thinking that the cat might like one or two to play with.

Okay, back to the hat details. I didn't use a pattern, and didn't really keep track of what I did, but basically I think I cast on about 42 stitches on a 12" 5mm circular needle, and knit until I thought it looked long enough, then I decreased for a row (*k2tog, k4*), then I knit a few more rows, then *k2tog, k3*, then I knit a few more rows, then *k2tog, k2*. When there was no way that I could continue knitting on a 12" circ, I ran the yarn through the rest of the live stitches and pulled it tight. Wow, talk about detailed instructions, huh?

If your feeling a bit adventurous, you might want to tackle this hat. It's not that it's hard, you just have to trust your hat instincts, and I know that many people absolutely need a specific pattern.

The yarn I used is the pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.

The cat loves my secret pal too, because she provided him a box to sleep and play in. He's still in there now. He's got the brown paper the box was wrapped in, and a bit of bubble wrap in there, and he's calling it his bed.

As you all know, I'm working on the Falling Leaves sock from, and I've actually made some progress. I did the first half of the heel on the bus on Thursday morning, and the second half of the heel on the bus on the way home from work on Thursday night. For some reason, I had no desire to knit that sock yesterday. There was not one point where I actually wanted to even look at it. I did, however, force myself to knit a bit on the bus in the morning. I might get back to it today, but I might start to knit something entirely different. I'm getting visions of cables dancing in my head....


ariane said...

Pretty, and looks so soft!...I'm knitting a quicky hat too.

KnittenKnots said...

Cute hat!! It looks really cozy...I'm sure baby will love it. What is it with cats and boxes anyhow?? He looks so cute hanging out in the box...awwww.