Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Forgot To Post Last Weekend....

I've been trying to at least post once on the weekends, but I totally forgot last weekend. It's now Tuesday ... And I'm sick. I guess that's what I get for forgetting to post. The blog gods gave me a cold or flu or whatever!

You might notice the time stamp on this entry is in the morning. And as you know, I'm supposed to work all day. Well, I'm taking my very first sick day ever! I feel so guilty that I'm not at work, but I feel so bad that I don't think I'd be able to do my job. I'm hoping that some rest today will make me A-Okay for tomorrow, and the rest of the week (which is a short one because of Easter, so that adds to my missing work guilt). It feels like I have the flu without the throwing up---yet.

Okay!! Onto better news---

I got a package from my secret pal yesterday, and she has really outdone herself!! I now have two new yarns to try-- a pretty green alpaca (it reminds me of grass), and a very dreamy purple mohair (I think it's in fingering weight), and it's from a farm in Texas. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but whatever it is, it's going to be very pretty. I also got the new IK from my pal, and there's a lace scarf in there that I think I might have to make with the purple. We shall see.

I also got an assortment of candles/incense in my two favorite scents: vanilla and lavender. It's nice, because all the yarn smells like it too from being in the box.

It's funny...Stu got home last night, and saw that I'd opened my package, and the first thing he says it "What did she send us to eat?". So, I'm missing a few gummy bears. See, my pal sends something for everyone in the house. Stu shares in the candy, the cat gets the box, and I get the rest!


Karen said...

Oh no, I hope you don't end up having the flu and that you are feeling much better soon. Great package - the yarns are both so pretty.

Luquee said...

That yarn is so pretty! I've got to get myself one of those secret pals! :P