Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cat Bloggin'

There's a time, early in the morning that the cat is different from his usual "I'll pounce on you, then you chase me" self. Before anyone else is up in the morning, and the house is still quiet, the cat makes squinty faces at me and cuddles up to me as closely as he can. No one believes me when I say he is very cuddly with me, because he's so the opposite most of the time, and won't cuddle with anyone else.

This picture is of said "cuddly cat" on vacation with us last weekend. We went up to the cabin for the weekend. He caught his first snake (a garter snake), badly maimed it, then delivered it to the kitchen for us. Stu spent the rest of the morning trying to keep the cat from bringing the snake back in the house. I've never seen such a proud kitty.

I got some video of the cat running around with it. It's not great quality though, since it's just the video feature from my digital camera. Here is a link to the video that Stu kindly posted to Google Video.


caro said...

Great lil' vid, that is one proud kitty!

Your Secret Pal said...

What a cutie! He looks very serene on his little seat in the photo.