Thursday, June 29, 2006

Home Again, Home Again...

We got back from our trip last night. We we're supposed to be away til Friday, but I think we packed in too much stuff during the first 36 hours of the trip, and that made me want to go home. We did have a good time though, and it seemed like we were there for much longer than we actually were.

We had to rush to catch the 11:20 am ferry. Normally this wouldn't have been a huge deal, but our stuff was plentiful and heavy. We did end up making it, but we got stuck on the car deck, because we were foot passengers and we had the cat with us. It was really noisy, and smelled like pee and diesel fuel. You can see why we normally take Stu's dad's boat. The only reason we didn't take it was that they already had it. Anyway... We were already sore by the time we got there.

We went for a swim in the afternoon, then we went fishing. My specialty is catching sea cucumber. Meaning that I'm the only one that seems to be able to catch them, even though we don't fish for them. I also caught a rock fish. The cat caught another snake, but he didn't seem to do any damage to it so we let it go, after we found it in the living room. That was startling.

I ended up unintentionally falling asleep in the sun yesterday, and I have a killer sunburn. It is super painful. The whole back of my body is red, and the backs of my knees are so burned that they are swollen. I need to find some aloe lotion today. No more sun for me! The funny thing is that I was just going to lie down for a minute, then I was going to go knit in the shade.

I managed to see the deer that's up there (Stu's mom had told us about it), but I also made the discovery that she has two young fawns as well. I was sitting up on the deck, and she walked by with them.

We had a good time, but I'm glad to be home.

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Lynette said...

OW OW sunburn!

make up a batch of really strong black tea. Let it cool, and then sit on a towel and use a washcloth or something to dribble it over the sunburn. I don't know why it helps, but man, it takes the sting out overnight. :)