Saturday, June 17, 2006

Knit Sock Kit Swap Questionnaire

The Questionnaire:

What are your favorite colors?

I've been really into super pale colors lately. I like blues, greens, reds, pale purple, pale yellow.

Are you a new sock knitter? How long have you been knitting socks?

I've been knitting socks for a bit over a year. I'd say I'm intermediate.

Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn?


What fibers do you prefer in sock yarn?

Definitely wool.

Where do you usually knit socks?

On the bus or on the couch.

How do you usually carry/store small projects?

I throw them in my purse or in a plastic bag.

What are your favorite sock knitting patterns?

I don't really have any favorites.

What are your favorite sock knitting techniques?

Again, I don't really have any favorites. I don't like those cables without a cable needle.

What new techniques would you like to try?

I'm up for anything. I seem to stick to lace. I wouldn't mind making taller socks.

Do you prefer circulars or dpns for sock knitting?

I use the magic loop with a 32" Addi Turbo for the most part. But I just found the 6" Crystal Palace dpns, and they rock. I only have a 2.75mm one though.

What are some of your favorite yarns?

I like Fleece Artist, Koigo, Sunshine Yarns that Dani sells in her shop.

What yarn do you totally covet?

Hmm... I've heard of cashmere sock yarn.

Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object?

I can't think of one right now.

Favorite kind of needles (brand, materials, straights or circs, etc)?

Addi Turbo circs. Crystal Palace 6" dpns.

If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be?

I haven't really given that much thought.

Do you have a favorite candy or mail-able snack?

Um, I like chewy things, like nibs, but really I like pretty much anything.

What’s your favorite animal?


Do you have pets? What are their species/names/ages?

I have a cat he's a grey tabby, and he just turned 2 at the end of May. He doesn't have a name.

If you were a color what color would you be?

That pretty super light pale mint green, or maybe bubble gum pink, only brighter.

Describe your favorite shirt (yours or someone else’s)..

Actually, my favorite shirt right now is a white ribbed tank top from the Gap.

What is your most inspiring image, flower, or object in nature?

I love flowers. Especially hydrangeas. Right now, my fuchsia and deep red geraniums are inspiringly beautiful.

Tell me the best quote you’ve ever heard or read.

I've heard so many good ones!

Do you have a wishlist?


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