Thursday, June 15, 2006

No Wonder I Feel Like I Never Get Anything Done!

I always have to many projects on the go! The three in the blurry (sorry) picture are all active knits, meaning that I am working on them all daily, or at least every second day.

The pink is part of the "Letter Have It" bag from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. The purple is the Peacock sock. And last but not least, the bluish one is the Friday Harbour sock from Knitting on the Road.

This week has been going insanely slow, and I am really tired. I've almost been falling asleep at work, which is difficult to do, because I'm always super busy. There will be lots of knitting and relaxing going on this weekend, then I just have to work one more week and I'm off for a week of vacation. I'm just going to hang around the house and chill.


Luquee said...

I too have so many projects going that I'm actually accomplishing nothing! But it's okay, I secretly like it that way! :P

Cutie said...

I love the bluish socks!!!!

I will hafta make those sometime. You always inspire me... did you see my blog lately? I am knitting socks, US0, fingering weight, and magic loop no less!!! I have you to thank for getting me hooked!

Hope to see you at a meetup someday again!

Emms :)