Sunday, July 30, 2006

A New Knitting Spot, And An Impromptu Project

I spent most of the day knitting and listening to podcasts today. It was a really nice and relaxing day. For some reason, I had to put the iPod in the shot to get the color to show up properly.

On a whim, I've decided to use the rest of my dark blue Rowan Rowanspun Aran to make the Boogie Vest from the Spring '04 Knitty. Again, I'm using a double strand of this yarn. I got the picture part way through the day, but I've actually finished the entire back of it.This yarn is actually quite nice. And apparently tweed is very "in" for this fall.

Around 6 o'clock, I put the knitting down, and started cleaning. I got rid of a ton of clutter, and I did the vaccuming. I can't believe I can actually see the coffee table again!

I did bunch of furnature moving (with Stu's help), and I organized myself a designated knitting spot. It's between his desk and the kitchen table (aka my desk). It's a cozy spot, and I can't wait to sit there when I get home tomorrow after work. I also think it's going to be a perfect spot to spend time once we get into the cooler weather.
After I got everthing set up, Stu said, "You know what that area needs? I book shelf. You know, on the wall." Isn't that nice? He wants me to have a place for all of my knitting books in my knitting area. He rocks!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


knitfriendly said...

I love your new spot! :) I just cleaned my house last night too so I am looking forward to coming home to it. Sounds like you had a perfect day yesterday. I love just having a whole day to knit, listen to podcasts, watch DVDs and KNIT some more! :)

gillian said...

Wow, you have Stu so pussy-whipped!

Wendy DG said...

That yarn is perfect for the boogie vest.

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, this knitting spot is just perfect, it looks so cozy and comfy, I'd really love to sit in there and have a nice, long knit too!
Your boogie vest is coming along so nicely, and I sure agree, the yarn seems to be perfect for it! I totally love those multi-colored tweed spots in it!