Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Self Control? Sorry, I Don't Have Any..

Today was my first day back at work after my 10 day vacation. The first day back has to be the hardest. Today actually went pretty quickly though, so it wasn't that bad. Although, I did start the morning thinking, "How have I been doing this everyday?!?" It didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things. One of my co-workers (she's also a friend I hang out with outside of work) actually came up to me and hugged me, as she told me that I was never to be gone again for that long. I guess I was missed.

I did a little shopping at Chapters after work, and found some real knitting gems while I was there.

Now I have all the cool books I've been wanting for a while. I couldn't resist the 200 Crochet Blocks book. As many of you know, I'm a bit hooked (hehe) on crocheted squares right now, and this book has so many cool looking ones. Don't you just love Interweave Press? I sure do.

When I got home, I found something interesting on the deck. Apparently Stu had been busy while I was at work.

This is cat hair yarn from our little grey guy, and it's been knit up by Stu. Does your man knit? Apparently mine does!

We have a rug right outside our sliding glass door to the deck, and the cat lies on it and gets it covered in cat hair. When Stu cleans it, he rubs it from one side to the other, which creates yarn that is quite tightly "spun". He's never knit with it before though.

Alright, I'd better go and start looking through my new books.

Props to Stu for providing the knitting content today!


Areli said...

I love your new books. I have Weekend Knitting and it is one of my favorites. I have been hoping to have a peek through Mason Dixon Knitting one of these days to see if I have to have it as well.

That is hilarious that your husband knit with cat hair, what a funny guy :-)

Roo-Bee-Faye said...

Gotta love the guy who knits! Fabulous--he sounds like a keeper! I ask my hubby all the time if he'd like me to teach him to knit, but it isn't working out like I hoped. :( I ordered Mason Dixon and I am chomping at the bit to read it. Hope you like it!

Secret Pal said...

I'm actually more impressed that you have a guy who cleans up cat hair than I am by the fact that he knit with it! =) Sounds like you found a keeper!

Cutie said...

Hi Chrissy;

You can have the Mayan Gold chocolate, I can't have dark choholate, it triggers my migraines :( Maybe we can meet up when you have time! Email me at cutieknittahfairy at gmail dot com and let me know when you have time, and your phone number!

Emmie :D

Rachel said...

that cat yarn is great. my bf likes to pick up my knitting occasionally and pretend he's making something, but it's all just for show.

keri said...

I love all the books you picked out, they're my favorites!

Kathy said...

If your hub needs more cat hair to finish that... whatever he's knitting... tell him to come on over. I have 2 long haired black shedding machines who have left a whole supply for him all over the carpet.