Thursday, July 06, 2006

Super Duper Secret Pal!!!

I wanted to share what my super awesome secret pal sent to me. I actually got the package yesterday, but we were out for dinner, and didn't get home til I was too tired to do it justice. I managed to get a step by step opening of the package, which I don't normally do. This way, you can see what I saw.

It came yesterday morning while I was at work, and Stu kept it as a surprise for me when I got home.

It was beautifully wrapped! I never thought of putting wrapping paper under packing paper. It was a really nice surprise.

The contents were presented fabulously as well. I love themed package. This package has a purple lavender theme.

Honestly, I was most enamoured with the hand knit wrapping for the lavender and rosemary soap, and the handmade cards. I've never had handmade cards before.

I also got some really amazing looking teas ( I think I'm going to try one of them out tonight, but I'm not sure which one yet). Chocolate and lavender sounds good, but so does raspberry. Hmm.

There was also some lovely Koigu sock yarn. I think this is perfect, because it's almost solid, so it'll look good with a more complicated sock pattern, which I've been planning to create and knit using my 365 Knitting Stitches A Year Calendar. This is a great resource!

Let's see, what else was in the box... A little package of lavender (I'm going to put it in with my yarn to ward off bugs, and make it smell nice), and some treats for the kitty cat. He says, "Thank you!" by the way. Also, I got some of those crystallized sugar things, you know, the one's on the stick?

I have more pics, but Blogger's being super slow right now.

Thank you so much secret pal. It's like you read my mind! Stu's been laughing at me, because I've been walking around with the box full of stuff where ever I go.

Just a quick note to everyone whose commented on my last post. I think Stu's ego in now big enough to fill a stadium! Okay, not quite, but he's sure proud of himself.


Secret Pal said...

Glad you liked it! Tell Stu I promise to remember a treat for him in the next box.

Robyn said...

Man, that Secret Pal of yours is a keeper, for real. I love when gifts are coordinated and themed.

knitfriendly said...

What a beautiful package! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! My favorite color is lavender and that koigu is delish!

Karen said...

What a great package!!! I'm so impressed with all the wrapping too. Enjoy!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Now, that's something to come home to!! You're a lucky girl - a hub who knits and cleans, and a secret pal who's spoiling you with gorgeous gifts!

Emma said...

What a great SP package. The Koigu, and everything else, looks lovely!

Areli said...

What a great package, I love the lavender theme. What a sweet treat to come home to.