Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dishcloth? Finito!

Edited to add: Oops! I meant to tell you that this wasn't a full ball when I started. It was the leftovers from the Mason Dixon Washcloth I made.

I finished the Garterlac Dishcloth early this afternoon. It looks great! I'm really liking it. I like how it looks, but it has also made a really nice soft fabric.

I was barely able to complete this one though. I finished with this much yarn left over:
I think that means it's my lucky day.

Does anybody actually use the dishcloths they make? I still haven't used one yet. I'm thinking I might start by washing clean dishes to get myself used to the idea. Then I might move on to a water glass or something. Baby steps.

We headed down to the Fraser River Park (a park by the river by our house), to do some blackberry picking. We got about 1.5 of those jumbo ice cream tubs full. It's definitely blackberry season.

We stopped to admire the view on the river before we headed home. It certainly was a great day for it!

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Beth said...

That's a great dishcloth! It was a little difficult to use my first dishcloth, but it was so nice that handknitted ones are the ones I prefer to use now.

Kerry said...

I only have hand knit dishcloths now. My husband and I both fell in love with them when I made my first. For every new one I made, a store bought one went in the garbage. I used them to wash dishes all the time in our old house with no dishwasher. Even now that we have a dishwasher I still only use mine. They are great for scrubbing jelly and other sticky stuff off the counters and table. Go on...use it. You'll love it! :-)

Karen said...

Your dishcloth looks great. So far, I've only used the first dishcloth I ever made - which is really just a garter stitch square. And I only use it for wiping off the counters. It's getting kind of worn though, and probably needs to be thrown out . . but I'm not sure I can bear too. The rest of my dishcloths are just sitting in a basket. I'm going to be strong today though - and throw out the old one and start using a new one. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

Monika said...

Hi Chrissy, you've asked about the color of my yellow/orange garterlac dishcloth. It's called creamsicle (Sugar'n Cream). I like yours a lot. Nice color. And yes, I'm using my dischloth all the time. Thank god I have so many, so I can take out a fresh one every day!

Dave said...

Looks great, Chrissy! I like those colours -- nice and cheerful. Yes, go ahead and use it. It will get worn out eventually, but you can make more :-)

I'm surprised that that's all the yarn you had left. I usually have quite a bit. Did you start with a full ball? What kind of yarn was it?

Dipsy D. said...

What an awesome dishcloth! And it certainly was a close call, I can't believe this little string of yarn was all that was left when you finished - I would probably have gotten heart attacks all through the last rows out of sheer horror to run out of yarn!
Oh, and those blackberries - they look so unbelievable sweet, yummy!

Diana said...

Your dishcloth is really cute. I love the colors. I'm with you on not wanting to actually wash dishes with it. I think if I knitted one, I probably wouldn't want to use it to scrub dirty dishes.

Mmmmm..... blackberries.... my favorite. I should have been a bear!

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

You are a lucky gal. So pretty and festive. It reminds me of spring.

If you can not bring yourself to wash with them - try using them as trivets and pot holders. They also make nice bath-cloths and dustrags too. Ask me how I know this:D

knitfriendly said...

I have heard that knitted dishcloths are the best. I just bought a whole bunch of Sugar N cream just for that reason. I hope that you give in a try it! :)

Worknprogress said...

Beautiful dishcloth!! I shared your same frustration about using my precious knitted cloths, however got around it by using them as washcloths in the shower. :o) At least i know there they wouldn't be stained with grease and tomato sauce. :o)