Monday, August 21, 2006

Geez...Why Does She Always Ask So Many Questions!?!

I whipped up a quick project yesterday. It's a baby blanket for a co-worker who's expecting at the end of November.

I used 4 skeins of Sirdar Snuggly DK in a pretty sage green. I doubled the strands and double crocheted the whole thing.

Here's my question---

Do you think that 19" by 29" is big enough for a baby blanket?

I have 2 more balls of this yarn, but they're in a fairly sad, tangled state.

I know that acrylic doesn't really block, so these are pretty much the measurements I'm going to end up with.

Let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance!


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I think it's a good size. Before you know it the baby will be a toddler and will be dragging it around. It's a good size for blanket dragging...ask me how I know this...hehehehe

Julie said...

I agree - I think that's a great size! My son's blankie is that size and I try to keep that in mind when knitting baby blankets for others. Plus, it's just a nice size for using when you're out and the stroller, over the carseat/carrier, that sort of thing. It looks great!

knitfriendly said...

I think that it is fine. It would be a great swaddling blanket. Great job! You were busy yesterday!

Dipsy D said...

Can't believe how fast you're knitting! ;) Yep, I agree with the others, it's certainly a good size!

Janet said...

It's a great size -- I tend to knit mine so that they're "carseat" blankets. It's so interesting to me that "whip it up fast" usually equates to crochet.

Chrissy said...

Thanks guys! I think I'll keep it that size.