Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, it's official. I finally killed my iPod. I accidentally dropped it from about two and a half feet up onto carpet (granted it was "office carpet", but none the less, still carpet). I guess it didn't like it, because it stopped working, and the little sad iPod icon came on. So now it makes a whirring noise, then a ka-chunk-ka-chunk-ka-chunk, and then gives me nothing. Oh, and it also rattles. iPods aren't supposed to rattle. I guess I could use it as a really expensive cat toy.

Seriously though, Stu's going to try to replace the hard drive, and he's going to use it. Did you realize that Apple uses Toshiba laptop hard drives in iPods? Really, it's actually Toshiba. Crazy!

I had to work yesterday without my iPod, and it was torture. Apparently, my office is quite noisy. I'd never really realized that, since I've always got it on. No one talks to us anyway, so management doesn't really care. I use the term "management" very loosely.

Okay, so onto yesterday--- I'd been wanting a new fancy color iPod, because, as I said yesterday in my best little old lady voice "Grandma can't see as well as she used to". Had I mentioned that my vision is failing me? It is.

So off we went last night to Best Buy to get a fancy new 60 gig iPod with color and video. I never would have believed that I would be so attached to a piece of electronics! I feel silly for it, but I'm not going to worry until I can't leave the house without the microwave, or alarm clock or something.

To be honest, the thought of not having an iPod to listen to this Friday's episode of Cast On actually made me feel ill. Ya hear that Brenda?? You're an expensive habit! Yes, I do know that I can listen without an iPod, but my routine requires one. I download it when I get home from work, and listen to it on the deck while I knit.

So that's enough about that!

Alright, onto knitting---

I'm making super awesome progress. I think I'm knitting faster than I used to. I cast on for the RPM sock from the Summer 2006 Knitty. I'm using the sock yarn I dyed myself. I'm kind of surprised, but I really like the way the dye came out. It's kind of striping. When I wound it into a ball, I was trying to think of a sock pattern for it, and RPM came to mind quickly. I think this is the perfect pattern for this yarn. It's a neat pattern to watch unfold too, so it's totally not boring.

I only started this sock on Monday, and I didn't really work on it yesterday, and I've been working, so I don't get that much time to work on it even when I do work on it.


Karen said...

Oooh, I love your fancy new iPod. I just got the cheap little Shuffle - I really only use it for listening to podcasts while I'm knitting and cleaning . . . . and I love it!! So much better than trying to listen to podcasts on my laptop. :)

knitfriendly said...

I really want a new iPod but mine is still kicking so I guess I will have to wait. Enjoy! :)

JessaLu said...

We got the 30gb for my daughter's 16th and it's way cool :o) I use my Palm for everything but it's really tempting to get an iPod for listening while working out and cleaning...

Glad you could get yours replaced so quickly! :o)

Dipsy D. said...

Oy! So sorry to hear about your iPod - but then again you got a fancy new one, and this one's so cool! And so are your socks, they're coming along perfectly - the yarn you're using obviously works so well with the pattern!

SP said...

The socks are adorable! They look like one of those huge spiral lollipops. I'm so glad to see that you like the SP gift.