Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Short And Quick Journey Into The World Of Beads...

I've always been a crafty person. I've always enjoyed various arts and crafts, but I just hadn't found the right medium before I found knitting.

Knitting feels like home to me. A place of comfort and belonging I've never found elsewhere.

Nothing brings this feeling home more than venturing into another crafting medium, be it sewing, painting, crochet, or, like today, beading.
I stand in a bead store and I have to remind myself that some people feel as strongly about beading as I feel about knitting. The reason I must remind myself of this is that I do not enjoy the bead store. It's not the place of inspiration and hope that I find in a yarn store. To me, it is cold and uninviting.

The staff may be nice and friendly, but the craft itself does not welcome me with the promise of warmth and comfort.

I've found my medium and realize that it is all I need. I have found home.

With that being said, I did find my way to a bead store today, but it was knitting related. Knitting will tempt you to try another craft, only because it knows you will always be back. I was in search of supplies to make some stitch markers for my Knitter's Tea Swap pal.

I'd never made stitch markers before, but they were fairly quick to assemble. The hard part was picking out the beads.I went with some glass pearls, a blue cracked glass bead, and a nice metal heart. I'm very pleased with how they turned out, and I really hope my pal will like them.


Ragan said...

Your stitch markers are lovely!

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Gosh, those markers are so me:D

It makes me wish I were your secret pal again!

Great work!

Monika said...

I LOVE them, I would buy them instantly! I love hearts. I'm envious of your pal! ;o)

knitfriendly said...

Those are very cute stitch markers! Great job!