Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day Trip To Seattle!

On a whim, Stu and I decided to take a day trip down to Seattle. Do you believe that he's never been to Washington State?!? I couldn't believe it! I spent a ton of time down there when I was a bit younger, but I hadn't been in about 7 years, and I'd never been without my parents.

I had planned to document the whole trip with pictures, but I lost interest just outside of Bellingham. It didn't help that it was really foggy from the time we left home, until we returned.

We left Vancouver at 10:15am, and we didn't get home until after 10:00pm.

Our first stop was the Peace Arch Border Crossing where we were greeted with a 45 minute wait.

After getting through the border, our next stop was Bellingham to visit Marilyn's Yarn.

This was an awesome yarn store, and I know it'll be a bit temptation, because it's not too far from the border.

They had an absolute ton of stuff! Including lots that you wouldn't find in Vancouver. Amazingly, I only bought one thing from them. The reason is that it was really early in our trip, and I didn't want to spend my all of my budgeted money in one spot. The one thing I did get was amazing though.

It's Socks That Rock in Sedona! Believe it or not, I'd never actually seen this yarn in person before. I'd heard lots of good stuff about it, and it is just as amazing as I'd heard.

Upon the acquisition of this, there was lots of squealing, and happiness. Stu thought I was nuts.

They had a couple of other skeins that I am wishing I bought, but that's the price you pay for being budget conscious! Damn budget!

Our next stop was in Arlington for gas, and we went to Target too. I think I was in a Target about 12 or so years ago, so I wanted to go in again. Also, I figured I'd already been in the States for too long without consuming Milk Duds, so I needed to get some of those too. I'm sure people thought I was insane for taking a picture of Target!

Look---We have a holder in the car that's the perfect size for an XL box of Milk Duds!

Once we were back on the road, we decided to go to a "Real American Walmart", we have Walmart here, but I wanted to see if it was any different. We went to the one in Marysville. It seemed pretty much the same to me, except the "greeters" actually greet you. Also, they don't sell that Bernat dishcloth yarn, they sell Peaches & Cream. This was just the beginning of my dishcloth yarn acquisition.

After this, we made a break for Seattle to go to The Weaving Works. We were thinking about doing some other touristy things in Seattle, but we were both kind of tired, so we opted to turn around after this stop.

I hate to say it, but I wasn't all that impressed. Yes, they had lots of things, but not much more than Marilyn's Yarn had. Also, I was pretty much ignored. I was in there for half-an-hour, got no acknowledgement of my presence, and when I walked up the the cash, the only thing they said was, "You ready?" "That'll be X dollars". That was it!

The only bright side to this was that I finally found some Trekking XXL that I wanted. The had some at Marilyn's, but it wasn't the color I wanted.

At this point, I was thinking, "I can't believe I came all the way from Vancouver for THAT!" I mean, the reason I went in the first place, is because they have a good reputation.

Anyway, that's enough about that!

The thing on the agenda, other than yarn, was a new winter coat for me. I've had my old one for 7 or 8 years now, and it really needs to be replaced. I'd been looking here and there during our travels, but hadn't found anything.

On the way back, we decided to stop at any mall that we thought might have a good coat, that wasn't going to cost me a fortune. After 4 or so stops, we ended up in Marysville again, but on the other side of the freeway this time. They had a JC Penny, a Bath & Body Works, & some place called Craft Mart.

We went into Bath & Body Works first, and I didn't find anything to buy. I think it was because I had the coat thing on my mind more than anything.

Next stop was Craft Mart. This is where I hit the mother load of Sugar 'n Cream!

Woo Hoo!!

Anyway, we walked into JC Penny next, and honestly, I didn't have very high hopes. It was a little hole in the wall. Once I found the coat section, I saw the perfect coat! It was even more perfect, because it was half off! I tried it on, and I knew that this was the perfect coat for me.

It was a really fun trip, and I really like going into the smaller towns.

If you enlarge this pic, you can see where we went. It's quite a distance for one day, and I think that next time we'll stay over night.

As for today, I can't wait to start knitting with my new yarns!


keri said...

Wow, what a neat trip!

Karen said...

Sounds like it was a great trip!! And coming home with a new coat, dishcloth cotton and sock yarn is pretty wonderful too!!

Beth said...

What a busy and productive day! I like the Milk Duds holder in your car. :) I just bought some dishcloth yarn today - some of the same colors you bought!

knitfriendly said...

Looks like you both had a great time. Stu is so sweet to spend the whole day going to yarn shops with you! :)

JessaLu said...

What a great trip! Congrats on the acquisition of STR ;o)

Charity said...

Oooh, very nice new yarns! That STR is lovely. :0)