Friday, January 19, 2007

She's Been Knitting Up A Storm!

As promised, here's the progress I've been making on my Monkey socks. There's some major pooling, but this is a really really nice pattern to knit. It's quite enjoyable.

The yarn is Sweet Georgia in the After Glow colorway. The orange and pink go surprisingly well together. The needles are 2.5mm Crystal Palace dpns. Gotta love the Crystal Palace.

Part of my knitting goal for this weekend is to finish this one.

I've finished the back of the Blue Sky Alpacas Melange sweater I'm making from Modern Classics by Louisa Harding. The endless rows of stockinette are a little boring, but this is going to be a great sweater to wear.

I've even started on the front. I'm a little bit worried that I won't have enough yarn, so I'm going to knit the front and back before the sleeves. I'll be knitting the sleeves at the same time so if need be, I can do 3/4 length sleeves. I'd like to get the front done (at least) this weekend.

I don't have a lot of plans for the weekend, so there'll be lots and lots of knitting.

Here's the start of the front---

I'll be putting the packages in the mail tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks 1 month of wedded bliss. It's good. My fabulous husband had to do some running around for his work today, so he stopped by to bring me coffee at work this afternoon. I think I'll keep him.


JessaLu said...

Love the sockage!! The colors remind me of pink lemonade and summertime :o)

Sheila said...

Yummy colors for Monkey! I like the pooling. Blocks of color sometimes works well.