Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stupid Flu

Hi. It's Thursday morning, and I'm at home. I went to work this morning, but at 9:30 my boss came by and asked how I was feeling, and if I was any better. Truthfully, I told him that I was worse than yesterday, and not feeling any better at all. He told me to go home.

I don't like being at home. Well, that's not true. During the times that I'm supposed to be at home, I love being home. I don't like sick days though. Sick days make me feel weak, and lonely.

I'll be on the couch today enjoying the Discovery Channel on the new TV. I think it might be shark week again. I love shark shows. There will be lots of knitting and tea drinking. My main goal is to be well enough to work tomorrow.

I think some online yarn purchasing will make today a bit better.

On a different note, today is a really beautiful day. It snowed like crazy last night, and cleared up over night. It's really sunny and very cold (-5), for Vancouver. The whole city is glistening. I wish I was well enough to go take a bunch of pictures.

I'll likely be blogging later today about my knitting progress.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling worse again. Rest up, knit a lot, watch the sharkies and feel better. :)