Sunday, January 21, 2007

Whoops! Did I Do That?

Yesterday morning after I finished taking pictures of the sweater back, The Cat decided that it looked more like a nice soft kitty bed.

It's my own fault for putting it on top of the couch and on top of a pillow. I should know better. Luckily, no harm was done.

I was going to take it easy at home yesterday, but I got a phone call from my friend Linda (whom I haven't seen in ages). So, we headed out to Steveston Village together to check out some used book stores. I knew the Wool & Wicker was out there, but I had no idea this tiny village offered another "crafty" store. Crafts 'n More, I think it was called. They had a lot of acrylic crap. They also had some good stuff though. Along with some Briggs & Little, they also had some sock yarn. A bunch of it was Patons Kroy and a bunch of it was Regia.

And they had two different colors in this:

It's Bamboo sock yarn! The colors in this yarn are really nice. They just seem happy. I'm really looking forward to making some sock out of this.

After giving myself a pat on the back for going to such a yarn rich area and only getting enough for a pair of socks, we headed to another used book store.

The clerk suggested we check out Wool & Wicker. Now, I've been there before, and didn't really feel like I needed a bunch more yarn, but Linda hadn't been there before, and I'm not going to stand in another knitter's way of seeing a new yarn store.

We walked in, and the first thing I saw was a large basket on a pedestal by the door. As I looked at what was in it, my heart rate quickened. "Oh myyy God! O my God! O m' God! EEEeeeee!!!! Look Linda!!! I can't believe they have it! I can't believe what I'm seeing! Oh My GOD!!! I have to have it!"

It was Trekking XXL! The stuff I've been taking day trips to Washington to pick up. The stuff I'm totally obsessed with and I have no idea why.

My excitement managed to get the attention of the owner and the store clerk. They wanted to know where I'd tried it before, and I told them I'd been driving to Washington. They said that I could save my gas, and give them a call for any color I wanted, because they are the Canadian distributor for Trekking. It'll take them 2 days to get me any color I want!

I used all my self control and only bought 5 balls. Everyone had a good laugh over that.

The one I've been drooling over since I found out about Trekking XXL---


Pretty Purples---

They also had the Trekking Pro Natura, which I had never heard of before. Apparently it's new. It's 75% wool and 25% Bamboo. Are you sensing a trend? The colorways are a little more limited, but I managed to pick up a ball in shades of grey.

And a pretty mixed berry sort of color.

This stuff is amazingly soft.

I'll make sure to let everyone know how this stuff is to knit with and wear.

The sweater front is coming along well. I'm almost half way through the front. I'm hoping to be finished today.

I'd better go knit!


Karen said...

Oooh, what lovely sock yarn!! Hurray that you can get Trekking near you now. :)

Kay Anne said...

Your kitty is gorgeous!

Also, mm, Trekking. Love.

lexa said...

I haven't tried Trekking yet. Hard to get in Canada. Those are nice colors you picked out. The bamboo Regia looks interesting. I love the color!

I see you are making Monkey. I want to make those, too. I have some Cherry Tree Hill in mostly white with black in it (silver streak, it may be called, can't remember off-hand) that I think I will use for a pair.

Ilix said...

So Trekking is a sock yarn?!?! and I can get tthe lovely colours you have shown............30 min from my house! OMG that is amazing......I assume that it is fantastic.....
When did you try it? Why do you love it?

Jodi said...

That is one cute kitty! Sounds like you found Trekking heaven. I have one skein in my stash, but I haven't touched it yet. The Pro-Natura sounds intriguing.

Happy knitting ;-)

Nadia said...

Ooo! I was just looking to buy some Trekking from the Netherlands, since I've never seen it in Vancouver. Now I have to go get some.

Oh, and what you love about Trekking is that it looks handspun. You want to spin some yourself! Okay, I'll stop the evil spinning enabling now...