Monday, February 12, 2007

A Beginning, A Middle, And Some Luckiness...

For most of the day yesterday, I worked on the Regia Bamboo sock. Here's what it looked like mid-afternoon---

And here it is all finished---

It's super comfy and soft. It also looks great with a pair of jeans. The pattern is my own, which is basically ribbing til I didn't feel like it anymore, stockinette til it was long enough, and then a heel. Pretty basic.
Last night I after I finished the Regia sock, I cast on for the second Jaywalker. I'm almost ready to start the pattern after the ribbing.

I can't believe it, but I haven't finished a project this year. Plenty of finished single socks, and a mostly finished sweater, but nothing actually completed.

Here's the luckiness---

I went looking for some more of the Blue Sky Alpacas Melange at Urban Yarns. I figured I wouldn't find the same dye lot, because I got the first round of this stuff at Three Bags Full, but I was hoping to at least find some yarn in the same color.

I couldn't believe it. They had the exact same dye lot. I am lucky in some ways. Not in employment or education ways, but in yarn ways I am very lucky. My man luck is pretty good too. Well, once Stu and I got together anyways.


Bronach said...

C'est lovely.

Ilix said...

Great socks!!!! I just started a new pair myself..... toe up this time. yours are looking mighty good! you prefer circulars I take it! LOL