Saturday, March 10, 2007

Winners and Yoga. Wait. What? Yoga?

I would like to announce the two winners from my bag give away. I really enjoyed all of your feedback, and I'm sorry only to have two to give away.

Randomly drawn:

Winner #1: Theresa from Knitting Underway.
Winner #2: JessaLu from JessaLu Knits (and Spins!).

Congrats ladies!!

Please use the link on the right to send me your addresses, so I can send these little sock bags out!

On to the yoga---

I went to a yoga class for the first time this morning. It started at 7:30am, but I had to be there at 7:15, so I had to leave the house at 7am! I really like driving when there's no one on the road.

Anyway, the class was 90 minutes long, and was amazing. I've never experienced anything like it.

It was "hot yoga" so they pretty much crank the heat way up. I don't think I've ever sweated so much in my life.

I can't recommend Bikrams Yoga in Vancouver enough. They were so friendly and welcoming. It was just such an awesome experience. I don't even feel like myself. I feel blissful! And happy! (believe me, with intense PMS, I haven't been feeling particularly happy lately).

I just want to do it again!!

Yoga is like drugs, but better.


gillian said...

Dude, we should do yoga together. Let me know if you're interested, I need to find a new yoga place to go to too.

JessaLu said...

I won? Cool! Thanks :o)) I guess I need to stop saying that I never win anything... ;o)

Theresa said...

Wahoo! I'm so excited! I'll send you my address tomorrow when I get home, since I can't email from work computers.

Gina said...

Small world this Blogland... Norma just posted about Bikram yoga the other day.