Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mom's B-Day Present

I finally got to gift the Sea Silk Shetland Triangle last night.

I made it for my Mom for her birthday. She loved it, and I'm glad! I'd really been looking forward to giving it to her and it was hard to wait (and keep it a secret) for a few weeks until her birthday without saying anything. I know that my mom is the biggest fan of anything that I knit, and I think this is one of the best thing I've ever made.

Look what I've been making---

I know it's crochet, but give me a break, it's good to have variety! It's a rag rug. I had a bunch of fabric left over from those little bags I was making, so when I saw this rug on the Whip Up website I could not resist!
I'll be putting it in front of the sink in the kitchen. I think I'm going to have to do a few more rounds though. I was hoping I wouldn't because the only fabric I have left in the house is this---

In my effort to be tidy I got rid of every other scrap of fabric a few months ago. I love the left over fabric and wanted to find something pretty to make with it, but it looks like at least one of them will be torn up to finish the rag rug. I'm not that heartbroken. I can always buy more.

Sock Update:

I've finished the legs on both socks and have turned the heel on one of them. I'm going to get the heel flap done and turn the heel of the second sock today. No pictures of this process, as I am sure you would prefer to watch grass grow.


Jennie said...

:) That's awesome that you mom loves everything you knit for her. She surely looks like she's lovin' your gift. The rug looks good! :)

Beth said...

I agree with Jennie - it sure looks like your mom loves her present! It's beautiful!

Robin said...

Your sea silk shawl really is beautiful! What a great gift for an appreciative mum. I love the crochet rug as well. Can you pick up some cheap fabric from a thrift store instead of using your nice stash?

BrownPants said...

Lovely! You're mum must be stoked! Isn't seasilk lovely?

JessaLu said...

So glad your mom loves her present!!

Christie said...

Beautiful shawl, your mom is very lucky!

Hey! What's wrong with crochet?!? The rug looks great, is totally functional and was probably made pretty quickly.

Knittyknitter said...

omg-- i've been thinking about doing a rug (but with large knitted i-cords) but this is soo much cooler, and seems way easier/faster! Thanks for the great idea!!!