Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Second Secret Pal 10 Contest!

What's the furthest I've travelled for a yarn?

Actually, this map shows how far I've travelled specifically for yarn ---

Stu and I went on a yarn expedition one day, and headed down to Seattle. We stopped at a few places, (the best being Marilyn's Yarns in Bellingham). We (I) was in search of Socks That Rock and Trekking. We had an awesome time, and amazingly Stu didn't seem to mind the trip. I think he even had fun! Which is still a little surprising, considering the sole reason for the mission was to go to yarn stores and acquire yarn.

We are planning lots more yarn expeditions in the not so distant future. Hopefully we will be venturing further into Washington state and maybe even down to Oregon.

PS. We found both Socks That Rock and Trekking.


Kat said...

And I thought I had to travel far for my yarn!

LadyLungDoc said...

You were able to get your husband to go on a yarn expedition?!? What is your secret???

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the advice about blocking my Monkey socks. I'll try that sometime this week.

JudgeJim Sp10 said...

STU Rocks!! My kinda guy, road trip from Vancouver to Seattle to score some wool. That shows True Grit!!! Happy Trails on your future raod trips.

Loved the tail of wool. Thanks.

Asa said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Bellingham LYS, I'll stop by on our next trip to Seattle.