Thursday, April 26, 2007

So Many Things...

I had fully intended to blog yesterday morning before work, but I ended up being woken up by my sinuses at 3am, and was up for a few hours before going back to sleep. I was feeling even worse when I got up, so I spent the day in bed. Let me tell you, extreme sinus pain, headaches, and an upset stomach is not fun. It was a miserable day.

Redd and I had a nap and slept through a call from the mailman. As much as I wanted to see what the package was, I wasn't really feeling up to an outing. I did end up having to go get some more sinus meds though, so I picked up the package while I was out.It was the package from my Knitter's Treat Exchange Pal! I feel very treated! It really felt like she knew me! The yarn was Socks That Rock in Fire On The Mountain. This is kind of funny, because I've been wishing I had this since my STR order a few months ago, and I was on the STR website yesterday morning being whiny about my yarn diet, because I wanted that yarn!

She also included some chai tea. I love chai tea!! As well as some beautiful soap (honey scented) and some Burt's Bee's bath salts. Oh, and the current Vogue Knitting.

I guess you're wondering who this wonderful pal is? It's none other than Jen from Friender. Thank you Jen!!!

The one good thing about being home yesterday was that I managed to finish the pair of Waving Lace socks I've been working on. Even though I was knitting each sock from one end of the ball at the same time, there were no tangles or anything. I'd use this technique again.
My only alteration was knitting a plain foot, instead of carrying the pattern down the foot. I think it still looks good, and it makes it a bit more functional.

Pattern: Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks book.
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight in Blue Moonstone.
Needles: 2.5 mm Crystal Palace dpns.
Alterations: I didn't carry the pattern down the foot.


Nadia said...

Love the subtle colour for that pattern!

Holly said...

great combination of pattern and complimenting yarn.

Friender said...

You're so very welcome! (i'm so relieved that you go it) I liked how the Vogue Knitting featured lace on the front. It seemed like those are two of your favorites--STR and lace. I hope you feel better soon. Take a long bath to loosen up those sinuses.

Oh, and I love those Waving Lace socks. I am so going to have to get that book, and I'm blaming you for it.

Sherry said...

Sorry you have a sinus infection. Hope the meds kick in soon.

Love your socks. I'm always unsure whether or not to carry a pattern to the top of the foot. It could really ruin the comfort potential of the socks.

Asa said...

Beautiful waving lace! Great colour yarn.


tiennie said...

Beautiful socks. I'm working on the waving lace myself.

Ilix said...

What fantastic sock yarn! looks like you had a great swap partner!

JessaLu said...

Sorry to hear about your sinus pain - it's the worst :o(

Great package - and lovely socks!

Beth said...

Beautiful socks! That pattern is such a favorite. I'll have to add it to my list.
I love so many of the socks in that book it's hard to choose.

Nice job!

sarah said...

great socks! I like the modifiation you made - sometime with patterns on socks it really works best if you just do the leg.

get well soon - you have my complete sympathies - ugh! sinuses...

MorbidKnits said...

Wow! Awesome package!
Love the socks.

I use to live in Oak Harbor, Wa. So when I came across your blog and saw you recently went to Seattle for yarn, I had to read more. Great Site!

BrownPants said...

Your socks look wondreful! Great job. (i'm very jealous of that STR yarn too, it looks lovely)