Monday, April 30, 2007

Sockless In Seattle...

First, let me apologize for the title. It even makes me cringe.

You guys will either be really proud or really disappointed with my Seattle yarn trip. This is all I bought ---

It's Sea Wool sock yarn made by Fleece Artist. It's 70% Wool and 30% Seacell. It has the greatest sheen and it's very soft. It's a bit thicker than normal sock yarn (they suggest 3mm). I might use 2.75mm needles though.

I picked up this sock yarn and the More Sensational Knitted Socks book at The Fiber Gallery. This was a really awesome yarn store, and it took great self control not to buy more. I've never see such a great book selection.

For those who are wondering. The GPS is amazing. We were able to zip around Seattle like pro's and found every stop on the first try.
Here's my current WIP---
It started out as Roza's Sock from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits magazine, but you cannot see the brioche stitch on yarn that is this variegated. Once I realized this, I switched to a plain 3x3 rib, and I think it fits the pattern perfectly. It's kind of a "Mock Roza's Sock".
This is the sock yarn I got from my Knitter's Treat Exchange pal. For those with short memories (like me) it's Socks That Rock in Fire On The Mountain.


Emma said...

So what if you only made one yarn purchase? You made it count, and tht's what is important!

Friender said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad you've already cast on for a sock with the yarn from the exchange. So exciting to see. And I am proud of you for only buying one skein on your Seattle trip. It looks like really interesting yarn.mi

tiennie said...

What restraint on your purchases! How many stores did you end up going too?

Sarah said...

very pretty yarn and kudos to you on your self-control!

Asaknitter said...

Love the yarn and the improvisation is really working.


iSeL said...

Oh, I love these. Roza's is definitely on my list of future knits.