Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thank You!

I got an unexpected package in the mail yesterday. It was a small box, and it said "Happy Birthday from Finland" on it's side. I had a brief moment of "I don't know anyone in Finland", but then I flipped the box over and it was from Martin (my bestest friend in the whole world).

He's out globe trotting before going to grad school in Amsterdam. My birthday this year was the first one spent without him since we met 10 years ago. Everyone here misses him terribly, but I think I do especially. The other day, I made too many waffles, and I thought "hey, I'll invite Martin over, he likes waffles". That thought was followed by "oh yeah....".

And in the true bestest friend spirit, he sent me the coolest mug ever.

It looks like what a reindeer would look like if it was put through a mug factory.

Thank you Martin!


Christie said...

That is the coolest mug! Happy birthday to you!

tiennie said...

How cool! Happy happy birthday to you!

Martin said...

damn! I missed out on waffles?!?!
I'm so glad the mug made it to your door intact. And you are very welcome. I am now in Northern France, and enroute to Amsterdam... hopefully if I find a job and work really hard I can globe trot a bit more but for now its time to sit put for a while.
happy birthday once more