Monday, July 02, 2007

I Didn't Quite Make It...

For the first time in this round of Sock A Month I didn't finish a pair of sock for an entire month. I'm close, but not done.

(Sorry for the absolutely dreadful picture)

Right now the heel is turned and I'm about an inch down the foot of the second sock. Oh well, this way I'll definitely have a pair finished for July!

The last couple of days has been spent working on my car. A huge thanks to my dad and Stu, who spent an entire holiday weekend Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday replacing the ball joints and tie rod ends. That repair was really the only thing wrong with the car. The shop wanted $1400 for it, but we were able to do it for about $150. It's amazing how little things cost when you don't pay for labor. Actually, my dad has requested payment in the form of a Cowichan sweater. I think he'll get it too.

Poor Stu, after the big replacement job above, I hijacked him and took him to Future Shop to get some more car stereo equipment. We were working on it until 11:30pm, but I now have the perfect system.

The car is exactly how I want it.

You know what that means? Knitting can resume at it's normal pace.

Happy Canada Day and an early Happy Fourth of July to my American friends!


JessaLu said...

Congrats on getting your car fixed and on saving so much!!

Love the socks - those colors are so pretty!

Sarah said...

But, you were "This" close - you get an A for effort!

: )