Sunday, July 22, 2007

Red Sock, Green Sock....Well, Just Green Sock...

The hubby and I headed up to the family summer cabin on Friday and stayed for the weekend. The weather was just awful, but it allowed for lots of knitting by the fire.

I've been working on a pair of green socks for my brother. Unfortunately, the first one is gigantic, and needed to be ripped down an inch.

Here's my process---

1. Mark where you want the sock ripped down to (those split ring stitch markers are great for this).

2. Grab a needle or set of needles (I used a circ) that's a few sizes smaller than the original one used. I used a 2.75 to knit the sock, so I went down to a 2mm to pick up the stitches. Pick up one loop of each stitch on the first side of the sock, then flip the sock and use the other needle to pick up the stitches on the other side of the sock.

Here's what it'll look like---

3. Once both of the needles are in, rip back the part that needs to be ripped, and enjoy your handiwork! Oh, and don't forget to ya know--re-knit the toe. Hehe.

This experience will likely cause you great anxiety for the first couple of times, but becomes very freeing.

PS. I'm taking a week's vacation after another week of work, and I have a huge amount of knitting planned! I'm excited about taking a break from life and focusing on knitting, catching up on podcasts, and doing some fishing and swimming.


Zonda said...

Thanks for that information! :)Yikes, for me it was a week late LOL!

lexa said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I never would have thought of that. It will come in quite handy. :)

Sarah said...

A week of downtime and knitting sounds like bliss - have a great time and I look forward to seeing what you knit while you are away.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tutorial - it's a great technique which I will be using as I am always losing stitches after ripping.

Tanya said...

Knitting by the fire sounds wonderful. In many ways I am looking forward to cooler weather.

KSee said...

Oh, I'll have to try that next time. What a great tip.