Monday, August 20, 2007

And So It Ends...

The barbecue was a success. It didn't rain, and people even showed up. Most importantly, we didn't run out of food.

I'm still exhausted from all the prep work.

After the barbecue, Stu and I made a run for the border (the bbq location was only about 5 minutes from it). We waited in the border line up for 3 hours. The reason for this was that I really wanted to go to Marilyn's Yarn one last time before they closed for good. I guess that when you're only a week from shutting down permanently you don't have to worry about customer service or even acknowledging a customer's presence. I waited 3 hours in a line up to say goodbye to my lys away from home (not for the 60% off since I knew there would be nothing left). All I can say is good riddance! The retail world is better off having fewer cows in it.

We headed to Taco Bell for some dinner (our favorite road trip food). Ohmygod, I love taquitos.
Then we happened upon a Jo-ann craft store. I've always heard of these, but we don't have them in Canada, so I'd never been. I restocked my Lily Sugar N Cream dishcloth cotton, and picked up an orange Chibi as well.

Last stop was Bellis Fair Mall to go to Target (the most awesome store ever). I didn't get anything there, but while in the mall we went into American Eagle Outfitters (which we do have in Canada), and I found the most comfy sweatshirt ever.

After that, we headed back to the border to return home (we only waited 15 minutes to get back into Canada).

All in all, we spent the same amount of time waiting in border line ups as we did in the States.

It was good though.


Ann said...

Congrats on your successful BBQ!

Ilix said...

I goota make a run for the border soon..... mmmmm coldstone creamery!

JessaLu said...

Congrats on the BBQ going well!

I LOVE Taco Bell - I think it's solely responsible for at least 20 lbs of my weight gain ;o)