Monday, November 05, 2007

A Weekend In Tuscany...

My Socktober socks this year are extra special!I only knit one pair, but they were a test knit for Abigail's new sock pattern called Tuscany, which she has just released today!

I knit them over the weekend last weekend.


Pattern: Tuscany by Abigail 1870 Pearl.
Yarn: 1 skein of Cascade 220 Paints in color number 9930 (make sure you don't do to many leg repeats if you're only using one skein). 6 max.
Needles: 3.5mm 32" Addi Turbo circular.

These were a very quick knit, and I really enjoyed every minute of them. They had just enough detail that they were not boring for even a second, but it only took me a few rounds to memorize the pattern repeat.

These would make an excellent gift. Especially if you haven't started your Christmas knitting yet!

Thank you Abigail for letting me be the first to knit these!


Abigail said...

You are welcome:D After all I did it for you!

tiennie said...

Those are lovely!

Emily said...

Thanks for harassing her into writing up this pattern! I am so in love with these socks!

lexa said...

Love those socks! Great color, it really shows the pattern well.

MJ said...

Yours look great too!
what a good friend you are to test knit socks!

JessaLu said...

Love the sockage!

Knitting Bandit said...

I lov the socks. They look great. Can't wait to sneak a peek at the pattern