Monday, December 24, 2007


I finally tried it.

Does anyone else have a problem using their yarn that they anticipate will be amazing to work with? I always have to make a second trip to the LYS to pick up the same brand in a different color specifically to use.

For example, I went to the LYS a few weeks ago and bought 2 skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy, but I couldn't bring myself to use either of them I had to return last week to buy more to use! Hey, if crazy means buying 4 skeins of Smooshy, I'm in!
I am currently using the Blue Lagoon colorway (my teal obsession continues). The pattern is the Diagonal Cross-Rib Sock from Favorite Socks. I've used this book more than any other knitting book I own.

At first the pattern confused me a little bit. I was knitting into the back of the second stitch on the left needle by placing my needle between the first and second stitches. I realized that my pattern wasn't looking quite right, so I tried not going between the two stitches and just going in from the back, and that worked.

On my sock, the first two pattern repeats are screwed up and don't stand out like they are supposed to, but I'm using it as part of the design, because it just looks I like I've eased into the pattern and not just screwed it up.

**Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me through this unpleasantness with the old job. If I didn't respond to your comment it's because you're email is not set to show to me when you leave a comment. I really wanted to be able to respond to everyone individually. I really am blessed to have all of you.**

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Kay said...

Mmmmteal. I love teal. I also love Smooshy--it's fabulous, isn't it.

... For the record, I haven't used my first skein, either. I keep meaning to, but. But. Maybe I'll just get another in a second colourway and look at the first.

Gina said...

I have never even seen Smooshy...but I love the name.

I have however, made those socks. They are wonderful arent' they? Once you get on to the twisted stiches, it's easy and they go quickly.

Hang in there Chrissy - It's a New Year, and new opportunities await.

Ilix said...

MMMMMM love that sock!! Congrats on your anniversarry, and your mac goodie......... I may have to find that yarn.....

(btw, isn't that why we all have stashes?) ;)